Growing up on the OBX makes Hurricane Harveys destruction personal. We've seen first hand how devistating a hurricane can be; our hearts are with those impacted by Harvey.There are not only the initial needs of those that have evacuated, but also long term needs of those displaced. In the long term hurricane victims face the potential of months without income, severe damage to their homes, and often very little in the way of recoverable possesstions.


Hurricane Harvey was the first major system to make landfall since 2005. Beginning as a tropical storm, it was fueled by unusally warm gulf waters and grew to a Catagory 4 Hurricane quickly.  Even worse, Hurricane Harvey made a total of 3 landfalls in Texas and has impacted millions of people. As the images started showing up in the news and online, we couldn't help but be touched by them. Like many others we were left wondering what we could do. Instead of sitting back and feeling helpless, we felt called to action.


We're doing what we can to help with the long term recovery efforts of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. This weekend, we are donating 100% of the proceeds from our retail site (up to $10,000) to All Hands Volunteers.  All Hands Volunteers is a disaster relief organization, whose focus is on rebuilding efforts for those affected by natural disasters. We chose to partner with All Hands becuase they solve for the long-term. Unlike some organizations that only respond to the initial damage, All Hands stays to help communities recover and rebuild. Their "repsond, recover, renew" strategy is one that we felt passionate about. All Hands has already made its way to the Golf Coast to start responding to Hurricane Harvey.  

We are so proud be able to help not only our friends in Houston, but also in other areas affected by this disaster.

Share the word. Buy some coffee. Donate directly. Do what you can. The world is a better place when we help our neighbors and friends. 

If you'd like to donate directly to All Hands, you can do so here: https://www.hands.org/

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